Our Solutions

Terminal Integration and Custody Management

Through our experiences we have served as Integrated Solution partner to Both Fuel
Terminal and Processing Facilities and Retail Companies helping them to cope with highly regulated market rules as well as Inventory Management.

Land – Gauging
O&G, Terminals, Refining, Petrochem&Chemicals Terminals
♦ Custody Transfer – Tanks
♦ Inventory Control
♦ Intermediate tanks
♦ Overfill protection
♦ Process monitoring
♦ Process control
♦ Interface measurement

Loading & Proving
Verticals: O&G, Terminals, Chemicals
♦ Custody Transfer for loading / unloading
♦ Additive injection / Blending
♦ Inventory management
♦ Proving / Verification for pipelines, refineries, ship loading and un-loading systems

Land Portable
Verticals: O&G, Terminals
♦ Temperature verification
♦ Portable level gauging
♦ Portable sampling

Marine – Gauging
Verticals: Marine
♦ Fixed gauging – loading / discharging
♦ Portable gauging
♦ Portable sampling